Lassiter Mill to Crabtree Valley dirt path

Lassiter Mill waterfall Park and the Raleigh Greenway connection has always caused confusion and seems as though it is a broken link. It is often suggested you sit by the Lassiter Mill water fall and relax before finding the hidden link to Crabtree Valley Mall, North Hills Park, Shelly lake and the House Creek Greenway.

This section cuts off of Lassiter Mill just after the property line of Alder Root Elementary.  You are basically circling Alder Root Elementary to the high ground above Lassiter Mill waterfall park. One you have circled Alder Root you follow the sidewalk beyond the row of houses until the sidewalk ends.

The entrance to the rustic past of the RaleighGreenway  are wooden steps and a bike ramp. The steps lead you to a dirt path of eroded exposed roots from the trees of this thick creek side forest. It bends around trees, extruding rock boulders always dogging a wide calm section of Crabtree Creek. Riding and walking on a tail of exposed roots in a rustic setting may not be suitable and the alternative is to continue on Hertfiord St. following the bend of Crabtree Creek on Allenghany Dr. This is a short distance to a Allenghany street entrance for the Raleigh Greenway section to Crabtree Valley Mall, Shelly Lake, North Hills Park and the House Creek Greenway.


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Seasonal changes of this rustic Raleigh Greenway section offer the best views. Winter strips the leaves and open ups the forest and gives the best view of the creek. Fall provides the crunching of leaves and the luck of seeing them change color. Spring offers  new birth in the forest and the summer brings the shade from mature growth on this Crabtree creek side forest.

I refer to this section as the Alder Root section of the Raleigh Greenway. The Root family lived in the neighborhood and  the elementary school was named for Alder Root when it opened in 1958.

House Creek Construction

The soft opening for the House Creek section of the Raleigh Greenway has provided a connection to Ulmstead NC state Park for the first time. While wealthy gated community home owners off Duraleigh, Rd. have restricted the passage into Ulmstead NC State Park following Crabtree Creek, the House Creek Greenway connects with Ulmstead through the Art Museum and Merideth college greenways.

Across the street from McDonald's at Crabtree Valley Mall  is the entrance to the House Creek greenway which leads you to Pilot Park on Glen Eden. Under the Glen Eden bridge which spans over the beltline is a new tunnel where the House Creek runs parallel to the beltline going under Lake Boone Rd. onto Horton St. where it then leads you to Merideth and the Art Museum.

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